Riley Green has been channeling Bob the Builder

Riley Green
Photo credit Photo: Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

Riley Green is making the most of quarantine, using the time that he isn't touring to work on his property in Alabama, taking care of projects that he's never really had time to do before now.

“The first day back, me and my dad built a gym in my barn," he shares in a statement from his label. "Then we built a lean-to off the back of it. I bought a tractor when I built my house and my dad’s just been tearin’ it up. Since I’ve been gone I haven’t been on it, so I got to ride my tractor around. 

"Built a garage for some of my cars that don’t run to act like I’m workin’ on ‘em," he continues. "Just a million things that wouldn’t mean anything to anybody else, but to me they’re just a peace of mind to know, man, I’ve got that done, you know. 

"And that part of it’s been great.”