Justin Moore reveals the concert that made the biggest impression on him as a kid

Justin Moore
Photo credit Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Undoubtedly, Justin Moore has seen many concerts in his life, but if he had to choose one that stands out the most to him, it would probably be one that took place nearly 30 years ago.

“Probably the show that I remember most vividly… I’m a huge Charlie Daniels fan, always have been, and to be able to call him a mentor/friend was beyond ridiculous to me," he shares in a statement from his label. "But I remember seeing him, I was probably seven, eight years old. There’s a theme park about 30, 40 minutes from where I’m from back in Arkansas, called Magic Springs.

"But they used to have eight or ten concerts throughout the summer every year, and I went and saw Charlie Daniels. And just thinkin’, ‘Oh my gosh. Man, this is so awesome,’ because it was so rare for bigger artists to come through where I was from.

"So, to see him come through this smaller town and play, It was like Elvis Presley, you know.”