Trump Toohey: What Nut Liquor Has A Friar Shaped Bottle With White Ropes?

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  1. There is an animator in northeast Ohio that has created a ‘Laverne and Shirley” theme song for Mike Dewine’s coronavirus press briefings.  You can check it out on the Jen and Tim show page at The character “Laverne” wore what cursive letter on basically all of her shirts.  







The Letter “L”


  1. Dyngus Day is going virtual for their 10 year anniversary.  They’ve even set up a schedule which you can find at  The biggest Dyngus Day celebaration in the Cleveland area is usually celebrated in this part of town.  Gordon Square? Fremont? Timberlake?  










Gordon Square


  1. Modern Family is coming to an end.  The last episode airs tonight. Modern Family airs on which network? NBC?  ABC? CBS? 











  1. More delayed Disney movies might be going straight to Disney +.  As of right now, the next slated Disney film is this Pixar movie allegedly coming in June starring Jamie Foxx.  











  1. Governor Dewine is allowing carry out alcohol beverages.  Let’s play a round of “Name That Nectar”! This nectar is a nut and herb liquor that has an infamous friar shaped bottle with white ropes.  Can you Name That Nectar?