Chef Reveals The 10 Foods You Should Never Get Delivered

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French Fries – have a very short shelf life and they get soggy really quickly.
Omelets and Egg dishes – you’re better off making them at home
Nachos – also get soggy and mushy.
Smoothies – don’t maintain their consistency for very long.
Ice cream – we all know it’s going to melt.
Food with breaded coating – deep-fried foods loose their crunch.
Grilled cheese – the cheese is likely to get cold and loose it’s ‘gooeyness’.
Noodle soups – if the broth is packed separately these could be ok.
Salmon – can continue to cook in transit, drying it out.
Sandwiches with creamy fillings – tuna, chicken or egg salad sandwiches are better made at home.

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