Dolly Parton adds new baking mixes to her Duncan Hines Collection

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Dolly Parton was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last fall and now she's making a rock-and-roll album to follow. Parton hasn't stopped there, as she is expanding her Southern-inspired Duncan Hines baking mixes.

In 2022, Parton released two baking mixes, a coconut cake mix and a banana cake mix along with two frostings, buttercream and chocolate buttercream. This year, she's adding to the list with 4 new baking mixes. Parton gave these recipes her twist, inspired by her Southern roots, to some popular treats.

The Duncan Hines limited edition Dolly Parton Baking Collection includes the following:
-Dolly Parton's Caramel Turtle Brownie Mix
-Dolly Parton's Fabulously Fudgy Brownie Mix
-Dolly Parton's Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
-Dolly Parton's Sweet Cornbread & Muffin Mix
-A Dolly-Inspired Tea Towel
-A Dolly-Inspired Spatula
-3 Keepsake Recipe Cards
-A Special Note from Dolly

Check out the amazing packaging and get more information here.

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