Glenn's Weekly Motivational-7 Dollars Will Change Your Life!

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)

It’s been a strange few weeks…

So many changes..I dropped my kids off at school for the last time this morning..a routine I loved but is taken away from me now that life is returning to normal….oh, and because school is out for summer.

I’m going back to work, and if you are too, you realize the emotions are very similar to it being the first day of work at a new job. I don’t like change, whether it’s my routine, or the stuff old people keep in their coin purse for when I’m behind them at Marcs..change is not fun.

The emotions hit a tipping point with this 7 dollar product I bought off of Amazon the other day.

Yes, for 7 bucks, you can convert every memory you still own onto a hard drive, preserved forever.

VHS tapes, reels, cd’s, DVD’s, those weird video tapes that were in that clunky video camera? Yeah, it does those too.

We all have that plastic bin in the basement, tucked high on a shelf taking up valuable real estate, and we say someday, and never think about it.  Well, being in the nostalgic mood I seem to always find myself in, I started hitting play and record.

I heard my Grandma’s voice for the first time in 30 years, I saw my mom’s wedding day, My interviews with Bill Clinton and Weird Al, and every other thing I’ve done in radio that would bore anyone I tell.

Here’s my point. As we embrace change, and leave behind our cave syndrome gradually, we must also embrace our past. We must document everything so we don’t forget. So much of what I heard and saw on those various forms of media were different in my mind. Some better and some worse.

We have the ability to keep our minds sharp. We now have the ability to take a distant memory and bring it to the front of our head. Some things we can learn from, some things we can laugh over, and yeah, a lot of it will bring tears. Some happy and some sad.

Keep changing, but never forget your past. You just might realize that meaningless family video of Aunt Jan slicing her famous meatloaf in 1978 just gave you an idea for your super picky kids.

Did I tell you I also met...Never mind

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it
Xoxo Glenn