Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Do The Right Thing

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By now, you should be well on your way to a new year new you mentality.

The pounds are simply falling off, the cravings are gone, and you're back to posting belly pictures on the Facebook.

Oh, and you're sleeping more, you're more patient, and the boss gave you a promotion.

Congratulations on all your success.

Or maybe that was January 2-6th..And now you're in a secret relationship with Little Debbie.  Although I'm not sure how Deb stays little eating all her sneaky cakes.

I have subscribed to a new and simple mantra since turning 50...

Do the right thing.

The average adult makes 35,000 decisions A DAY..Conscious and unconscious.

Do the right thing..

Do you go to Planet Fitness or join Barb at Denny's for a Moons over my Hammy?

Barb will understand.

Do you go to bed earlier, or do you stay up to watch one more episode of Dr. Pimple Popper?

Although that show does quell your desire for high fat cream cheese.

Do the right thing.

The confidence you get by doing the right thing in situations has a domino effect.  All of a sudden, you're making small changes in every area of your life.  You're spending more time with your kids, you're waking up early for church, you're reading more, you're checking in on loved-ones.

No more taking away're adding them..

Instead of deprivation, you're primed for revitalization.

You're...doing the right thing.

How many unhealthy routines do you keep up simply because that's how you've always done it?  Maybe you're not even aware.  Toxic relationships with friends AND family.  Explore these and if they aren't feeding you or you're not feeding them..Let them go.

You know the right do the right thing.

And there will come a time when you do the wrong thing.  Debbie left a sneaky cake in the're starving ...AND you're a closer.

Eat it.

And then move on.

Don't let doing the wrong thing snowball..

Hostess snowballs..yummm

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

XOXO Glenn

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