Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Going Back..To The Future!

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)

My 11 year old son Cooper wanted to have family movie night last week, and looked up the best movies to watch of all time...

"We've seen Titanic already," he said.

""Best movie EVER," I said..never wavering since 1997.

"I agree," he said.  Revealing the excellence in parenting award we should've received already.

"What about this Back to the Future?"  "Have you seen it?"

And so we rented it from the Amazon..$3.99..Since you need to pay for movies you've seen 500 times and you don't have a DVD player anymore.

The movie is timeless..the music instantly evokes nostalgia..and I found myself trying to interject stories of going to Universal in 1991 and riding the Back to the Future ride.

Older people can't let go, apparently.

As a parent, and only 14 years into that process, I constantly strive for the life lesson to teach my kids in everything we do.

You didn't make the team?  How do we improve your confidence and attitude which in turn will improve your chances a coach will pick the U over the I?

You're not "insert adjective" enough...Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Rose could've let Jack on that door..

And...It's never too go the future (Doc Brown voice)

So often, we accept what is happening currently in our lives to be our density

I mean, our destiny.

Our relationships, our professions, our health...It is what it is.

I'm too old, the job market kids husband or wife is set in their ways....My parents don't communicate..the money, the time, the weather...

Excuses are like lululemon crossbody bags and Stanley water bottles...Every suburban mom has one.

Sure, you can't go back and make sure your mom falls in love with your dad and not you...But you can change what you can change..

And that's now..

Not all at once...What's a small step you can do today?  Can you build on that tomorrow?

1 step...1 call...1..direction

Even Harry knew when it was time to move forward.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it.

XOXO Glenn

Featured Image Photo Credit: Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)