Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How Do You Measure Time?

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)


I have written a lot about time...and the truth is that it becomes center stage when reminded about how fast or slow it goes.

In the case of Homecoming...Whoops, I mean HOCO, it's a fast thing..Onesies replaced with...Well, actually I think the dresses are the same size.

And in another breath, the work week is always slow and everlong. Pizza Friday can't get here soon enough.

Shoutout to The Foo Fighters.

So, these two very different moments in life are separated by our desire to actually speed them up or slow them down, yet the time remains the same for both.

In a wine-induced conversation with Steph the other day, I told her about my impending venture into half-century life, and how I feel about the whole process.

About how almost 30 years ago, I was 20, and that seems like yesterday.. and how 30 years from now...Well, will I even be here?

The conversation was melancholy from my point of view, but luckily Steph can keep it more realistic..One of her best qualities.

"Think about everything you have experienced in 30 years", she said. From your love life (don't get me started), to finding meaningful work..From friendships, to hobbies..To kids, to your relationship with God..From discovering hidden talents, to accomplishing impossible goals...To developing lifelong passions....All of which didn't exist at 20.

At 20, I had empathy..but I also thought that a 6 hour Sunday night hang at Applebees was the key to happiness..

Actually, I really miss those hangs..

And so it dawned on me.  We view time based on our need to stop the things that matter currently, and speed up the bull****.

Time stops for no one, and so we are forced to do one of 2 things..

Reflect and lament..or get living.

And so, I'm gonna get living...Because living in the past is sad.  Ever be around one of those people who always start the conversation with "I remember when I was your age"

Or, "I remember when I started in radio and"...Cue the pathetic talk of who you met and what wild and crazy thing you got away with.

The best way to stay relevant...Is to BE relevant...The best way to feel young, is to BE young...The best way to feel alive..

Is to ACT alive..

But damn...The dresses are still waaaayyy too short...Put on a babushka and one of those 1990's Bob Evan's waitress outfits.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

XOXO Glenn

Featured Image Photo Credit: Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)