Glenn's Weekly Motivational-This Is My Grandma

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)

This is a beautiful picture of my grandma who we called Marmee.

Marmee was always smiling.  Nothing was ever wrong.  Always more interested in you and your life.

Then, after she passed, we found her journals buried amongst her books and important papers.  She struggled for almost 50 years of marriage.. With heavy issues that blew my mind.

A woman who sang with Perry Como and acted with Paul Newman when they were all young..Who dreamed of the stage but gave it up for family...Wasn't happy.

She was proud of the family she raised, gave it her all, but the love wasn't reciprocated by my grandpa.  So she struggled, and smiled..yet struggled...

Everyone has a "thing".

The annoying co-worker with the love for microwaved cod?  Struggling.

The over-posting mom with the perfect scholastic and sportstastic kids?  Struggling.

The cryptic quote-posting seeker of attention anyway they can get it?  Well, that's a no brainer.

The family that has it all together?  Grateful, thankful, active, healthy, smiling, financially stable, kids listening, honor roll achieving, most-points-making, trip-taking, God-loving, HGTV-worthy-Christmas-decorating, How much can I post about how great everything

They struggle the most.

And you know what?  I struggle...a lot

I sure do.  I struggle with confidence, Am I a good enough husband?  Am I a good enough dad?  Am I a good enough friend?  Do I eat good enough and work-out good enough? Do I talk good enough on the radio?  Do I use grammer good enough, which by saying good enough, I clearly don't..(isn't it well enough?)..

All need some work..My on-air delivery is about as polished as my 2016 Honda Civic..Which I don't think I've even polished since 2016.

And my friend Donovan mentioned at church this week that over-analysis leads to paralysis and that stuck with me.  If you keep obsessing over it all, you stop living and growing.

If you treat people with the jealousy you have towards them, you'll lose the real story.

If you compare your life to others, you will never feel good enough.

If you care enough about someone, reach out to them to learn their truth.. so that your perceived idea doesn't guide your actions.

Your mindset should focus on you, and you only.  Everyone is doing life, but some are more focused on how it appears versus how it really is.

Focus on your reality instead of the reality tv show...Everyone knows that's scripted.

And if you're like my Marmee, change the storyline now.  Live the life you don't have to brag about and fake smile through it all..

The most convincing sign that someone is living their best life, is the lack of desire to show the world they're living their best life.  I saw that quote this week, and it's my new mantra.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it  XOXO Glenn