Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Time to Celebrate Our Differences

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy)

There are times when I love being an adult.

I love the feeling of sitting on my back deck and appreciating nature.  I love planting flowers and vegetables.

I love and appreciate friends while having deep conversations over wine and pizza.

I love feeling like I have a deeper perspective on things.

And I love to see the results of both active and passive parenting.

There are also times I struggle with adulting....

I struggle seeing loved ones have health problems...cueing thoughts of my own mortality.

I struggle with how quick the parenting season is with all the graduations and life moments occurring at a feverish yet non-covidy pace.

And I struggle with overcoming the therapist-enriching results of my childhood.

That's not to say my childhood was any different than yours, but we all are a product of how we were raised.

We learn from the good...we learn from the bad.

Whereas a lot of us had a family member that called African Americans "colored people"..or worse..and had lots of "colorful" words for those of other ethnic origins..

And so we uncomfortably laughed, because it's OK..they are old.

And being gay was never talked about..or if it was, it was whispered.

This is what sucks about adulting.  Overcoming all of this.

But here's where it gets better.

Our kids don't even blink an eye if someone in their class is gay, straight, has 21 pronouns, or identifies as a tree.

They SEE color, because being blind to it is ignorant.

They don't have to overcome any cultural bias.

They also have parents who are learning FROM THEM!

As you navigate adulthood, take the time to realize you don't have it figured out.  Take the time to realize that one of the greatest gifts we have in this world, is to learn that not everything has to divide us.  Politics, religion, sexuality.

Or whether Ted Lasso jumped the shark after season 1.  (It did)

Our kids simplify it all.

And that's how it should be.

Happy LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

XOXO Glenn

Featured Image Photo Credit: Glenn Anderson (Audacy)