Toohey got Trumped on a Friday

1.   The 50th annual Woollybear Festival is happening this Sunday in Vermillion. It has been a tradition for 50 years because of this late Fox 8 meteorologist.

Dick Goddard

2.    Who’s excited for Hocus Pocus 2?!?!  It’s available NOW on Disney +.   Which “Sex and the City” star plays the role of Sarah Sanderson?

Sarah Jessica Parker

3.    A character at Epcot in Disney World is finally getting his own movie - Figment, who is a fictional purple dragon is featured in the Journey Into Imagination attraction at the park.  EPCOT was the second of the four theme parks to be built following Magic Kingdom.  Which is larger?  EPCOT?  Or Magic Kingdom?

EPCOT is almost double in size   

4.      Some changes are coming to “The Daily Show.” Host Trevor Noah announced on last night’s show that he is leaving after seven years as anchor which started in 2015.    Who hosted “The Daily Show” from 1999-2015?

Jon Stewart

5.    M&M’s have a new character - “Purple.”  This is the candy’s first female peanut character. Purple is intended to “represent acceptance and inclusivity.”  The M and other M stand for what?

Mars and Murrie – the creators of the candy

Featured Image Photo Credit: The Jen and Tim Show