Trump Toohey: The original 'Frozen' was released this month, how many years ago?

Friday, November 17, 2023

Paul of Willoughby did it. He Trumped Toohey!!

1. John Adams’ famous drum is now being displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He banged his drum from the bleachers for more than 3,700 Indians games between 1973 and 2019. Give us the name of your favorite Indians/Guardians player of all time.

Lots of options  

2. Beyoncé is reportedly in talks to produce a $10-million-dollar stage show and residency at the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas next year.  Which iconic band, with Bono as the lead singer, currently as a residency at The Sphere?


3. Seth MacFarlane has revealed a first look at his Ted TV series, a prequel to his two theatrical films about a teddy bear that magically comes to life.  Which actor played the role John Bennett, Ted's best friend who as a child wished he would come to life.

Mark Wahlburg

4. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the studio is working on a fourth Frozen movie in addition previously announced Frozen 3. He did not offer any details or release dates.  The original Frozen was released this month, how many years ago?

10 years

5. Tate McRae will make her Billboard Music Awards debut by performing her hit "Greedy," which leaps from No. 22 to No. 11 on the current Billboard Hot 100. This is her second top 20 hit, her first was this song which came out in 2020.

You Broke Me First

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