Trump Toohey Wednesday Style

1.   Maroon 5 has announced dates for a new Las Vegas residency at the Dolby Live at Park MGM. They've announced 16 shows, kicking off March 24th. Are we sure that’s such a great idea as this lead singer of the band is in the middle of a cheating scandal.

Adam Levine

2.       Taco Bell is giving Rewards members the chance to bring back one of two discontinued items - either the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito.  A double decker taco:  is it a hard taco wrapped in a soft shell?  Or a soft shell inside of a hard taco?

Hard taco covered in bean paste and wrapped in a soft shell

3.       The Spice Girls are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their sophomore album “Spiceworld” with a special re-release that will include new and expanded versions of the album.  Which of these songs can be found on the “Spiceworld” album?  Wannabe?  2 Become 1?  Spice Up Your Life?

Spice Up Your Life

4.    Hurricane Ian is responsible for totally knocking out the power grid in Cuba, and is heading towards Florida.  The hurricane is heading towards the Gulf side of Florida, although this college located on the south eastern part of the state is known as “The Hurricanes”.

University of Miami

5.       The Cleveland Browns released a statement about Myles Garrett‘s injuries.  He sustained a shoulder sprain, biceps strain, minor lacerations and some bumps and bruises.  They say his availability for Sunday’s game in Atlanta will be evaluated by team doctors throughout the week.  The Browns have 2 wins this season.  Can you name both team they have defeated?

Carolina Panthers 

Pittsburgh Steelers   

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen Toohey