Trump Toohey: What is the national flower of Ireland?

Brandy from Parma takes on Jen's mom... and she trumps Mom Toohey!!!!

1. A&W Restaurants have announced that their mascot, Rooty the Great Root Bear, is getting a new wardrobe - after noting his lack of pants was polarizing he will wear jeans from this point forward. When you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your root beer, what dessert type treat are you making?


2. Justin Bieber has sold the rights to his music catalog for an estimated $200 million dollars. His video for the song “Baby” has been streamed more than 2.9 billion times on YouTube - which doesn’t even come close to this video that's been streamed 12 Billion times on the platform, and is a repetitive, ear-worm type of song about an aquatic animal?


3. Socialite and reality TV star Paris Hilton has welcomed her first child with her husband.  She posted a photo on IG yesterday that shows her holding a baby’s tiny hand. One of Paris’s claims to fame was the reality show “The Simple Life”, on which her and her socialite BFF at the time performed low paying manual labor type of jobs.  Who was the BFF that starred on the show with her?


4. There is a pop up St. Patrick's Day bar opening in the Flats this weekend.  It’s called Clover bar and will have Leprechaun Lemonade among other treats.  What is the national flower of Ireland?


5. Well it is a Throwback Thursday, and in the true spirit of that, we’re going to throwback to many years ago when my mom used to join me on my show here in Cleveland on the radio every afternoon.  We used to play a game called “Hummer with my Mummer.” So for question #5 today,  can you hum the chorus of the song “Anti Hero” by Taylor Swift?


Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen and Tim Show