Wednesday Trump Toohey

1.   Playoffs for the Guardians begin this Friday with the Wild Card Series - and tickets are still available! Name your favorite Guardians or Indians player of all time.

Lots of options

2.    Crocs is celebrating 20 years in business - and in honor of Croctober, they’re doing a daily drawing to win a pair for the entire month. Crocs were originally intended as a lightweight, waterproof shoe with good grip for _______.  Boaters?  Soccer Players?  Dancers?


3.    Wild West Fact or Fiction?  Illness was the number-one cause of death on the American frontier.

Correct Answer:  The correct answer is…Wild West Fact!

4.    Despite efforts to salvage things, NBC sources confirm Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have both lawyered up for what now appears like the inevitable divorce.  What the name of the official Tom Brady Brand?  Hint:  Its his initials followed by his jersey number. 


5.    Kim Kardashian ha a new podcast, and it focuses on a Kevin Keith who was convicted of homicide, and was trying to prove his innocence for 28 years.  Kim has been married 3 times.  Can you give me the first name of her three exes?

Damon, Kris and Kanye

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jen and Tim Show