Are you a Gingerbread House connoisseur?

If so, you could have a shot at $15,000 in your pocket this Christmas thanks to Pop-Tarts.
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Kellogg's is looking for you or someone you know to build gingerbread house out of Pop-Tarts this year. The company made the announcement with a fake listing on Zillow of all places. The winner of the best house wins $15,000.

Kellog's made a pretty impressive model to inspire its fans. The example is a 4 bed and 2 bath home fully furnished down to an adorable bathtub and toilet made of... Pop-Tarts. If this is the expectation I would like to be there for that delicious home inspection.

To enter the competition you'll need to take photos, videos and tag Pop-Tarts on Instagram or Twitter, and include the hashtag "GingerbreadPopTartEntry". Pop-Tart knows that building with these delicious treats might be a little difficult, so they have an alternative way to win: drawing. If you've got mad drawing skills you can sketch up your gingerbread house and submit it that way. Check out the full rules now.

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