Lewis Capaldi is happy to provide your bathroom break soundtrack during the 2020 AMAs

'I'm here to provide the American public with a chance to go'

We’ll say it… Lewis Capaldi is a treasure and the world could seriously use a healthy daily dose of his unique charm.

With three nominations (New Artist of the Year, Favorite Song in the Pop/Rock category, and Favorite Artist in the Adult Contemporary category) as well as a debut performance set for the 2020 American Music Awards this Sunday, Capaldi says he's just "fizzing with joy" to be a part of the big night.

"There's a lot of good stuff on," Lewis gushes about the upcoming show. "Look, you've got loads of great people performing. Machine Gun Kelly, all the rest of them, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish... everyone's playing, right? So, I'm thinking, you're gonna need a point in the show where you go, 'I need to pee,' right?"

"I'm here to provide the American public with a chance to go, 'I'm just gonna shoot off and empty myself real quick while this weird, chubby fellow is on the stage.'"

Looking ahead to fresh music in the new year, Capaldi says there's "a lot of mediocrity on the way, you better believe it."