Kansas City suffers under intense, blistering heat wave

A pool of molten steel
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KANSAS CITY – Three days in and relief can't come soon enough. An extreme heat wave, with heat indexes reaching 120º in the shade, will continue to melt the Kansas City Metro for the rest of the week. The National Weather Service is calling this heat unprecedented.

The accompanying photo of molten steel... yeah, it sorta feels like that.

Aside from the daily danger of the heat, the cumulative effects of multiple days and nights of these temperatures will increase chances for heat related illness and mortality, especially among the infirm and those without cooling resources, according to the NWS office in Pleasant Hill, MO.

And nighttime offers no relief from the muggy heat.

For those running outdoor school functions, like athletics, the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) will be well above 90 for much of the area today through at least Wednesday, says the NWS.

Forecasters with the NWS are urging everyone to learn more about the WBGT to contour your decisions about holding outdoor school events.

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