Heat Check: Luke Walton got his ass fired

By , Audacy

So last week I was on ESPN Sacramento with my guys Damien Barling and Kenny Carway to talk about the Kings.

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It was a fun conversation from a pair of guys who follow the Kings like its a religion, and afterwards, I responded to a tweet saying “no way Luke Walton is the Kings’ coach tomorrow” with the following:

"Went on ESPN Sacramento today and the hosts @damienbarling and @IamKDiddy said the exact same thing. No reason Kings should be getting the doors blown off tonight with the talent they have."

And let me say, I’ve never had someone come after me so hard for such an innocuous (and true) take.

I won’t give his handle out but some dude who I think might have been Luke Walton’s burner went IN on me. He tweeted:

"With all due respect, your opinion is the complete opposite of every reporter that covers this team on a day to day basis and almost all national NBA reporters."

Which is just an insane thing to say considering both Damien and Kenny 100% agreed with my take on the Kings, which is that they have way too much talent to be messing around and blowing huge leads, looking so inconsistent, and not even sniffing the playoffs every single year.

I responded:

"Which is