‘Petty King’ Steph Curry claps back at Mike James for calling him 'one-dimensional'

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By Audacy

Former NBA point guard Mike James gave a spicy quote last week, going viral with his criticism of Stephen Curry, who he called “one-dimensional” during a recent podcast appearance.

“How he plays and how he gets [shots] off, it’s just kind of one-dimensional,” said James, who last played for the Brooklyn Nets in 2020-21. “If we put Luka, Embiid, Bron, KD and Giannis on any team in the world, they’re going to be who they are. I don’t know about that for Steph. It’s a little murky.”

Those comments eventually got back to Curry, who hosted 26 of the best high school players in the country at his annual camp in San Francisco earlier this week. The reigning Finals MVP even took part in a scrimmage, impressing with his usual display of perimeter shooting, slick passing and acrobatic finishes.

“It’s all bad for them,” said Curry when asked how campers would fare against him in a one-on-one setting. “Even as one-dimensional as I am.”

Curry couldn’t help but laugh at his own pettiness, responding to a comment made by a largely irrelevant player seeking his 15 minutes of fame. While James’ harsh assessment of Curry probably contains at least a sliver of truth (unlike two-way stars LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Warriors vet has never been a difference-maker defensively), whatever deficiencies Curry may have are more than offset by his scoring prowess, reigning as the greatest shooter in modern NBA history. It’s one thing when Shaquille O’Neal calls a player out, but James doesn’t have nearly the cachet (career 8.9 points per game) to be picking apart Curry’s resume.

Anyone who’s seen The Wire will remember Omar Little’s iconic line, “If you come at the king, you best not miss.” The same could be said of Curry, the NBA’s crown prince of pettiness.

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