Referees criticized for questionable sack call in Cowboys-Chargers

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Referees aren't perfect — and neither are football players, nor are football fans — but there are times when their performance is just a bit too poor to disregard.
And if you were a Chargers fan or a sports bettor on Sunday afternoon, you likely weren't too thrilled with the referees and some of their calls throughout the back-and-forth matchup.

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Though there were a few examples to pick from, perhaps no play drew as much ire from the NFL community than the questionable sack call on Justin Herbert at a crucial moment in the fourth quarter.

It's also worth mentioning that just a couple of plays early, a touchdown to Jared Cook was nullified by an illegal shift penalty, another call that wasn't exactly a fan favorite. But before we get into all of the different reactions and takes from the sports world — and there were a lot of them — we might as well skip to the juicy part. The Chargers ended up kicking a field goal to tie the game, but the Cowboys got the ball back, drove up the field, and kicked a game-winner with time expiring to seal the deal.

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Tony Romo himself, the color commentator on the call, said that it was a "good game," but one with "too many penalties" as things were wrapping up. That's a good indicator that the officials may have had an impact on the game that was just too sizable for us to ignore. As you may have guessed by now, the fans weren't too happy with the product that came as a result.

There's a lot more where all that came from — those tweets just scratch the surface — but the when it's all said and done, it's possible Herbert would have been flagged for intentional grounding had a sack not been called. Whatever the case, the sack call was a weird one, and for many fans, it was the cherry on top of a day that seemed to be defined a little too much by how the referees called the game.

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