Trysta Krick joins Audacy/BetQL from Barstool Sports: A bold intro in her own words

The unapologetic host will bring her opinions to BetMGM Tonight, weekends on WFAN, and more

Since I’m the new girl in town, I thought it would be a good idea if I introduced myself before you hit the Google machine. This is especially true if you’re a Bucks, Celtics, or Sixers fan.

Well actually, if you’re one of those fans, you probably know exactly who I am. Some of my common internet nicknames?

- Suns in Four Girl

- Trysta No Lips (A nickname fondly given to me by Ben Simmons’ sister after I said I would take 25 other point guards before him on Twitter)

- Public Enemy No. 1 in Philadelphia (From a memorable Philly livestream for Game 7 of the EC semis)

- No. 1 Celtics Hater (Because I called Ainge a fraud and dead man walking, and said Stevens wouldn't be coaching after this last season)

- That Girl from TikTok

- Laker Hater (Blazer fan since 1990)

I really didn’t set out to inflame these fan bases, but truthfully these teams are dreadfully overrated, and their fan bases might be the most delusional in all of sports. I mean, imagine being a Celtics fan and defending a team that fell behind by 10+ points over 40 times last year. LOL.

And when you have an NBA Podcast (more on this soon), you kind of owe it to the world not to hold back your actual opinions. Even when they are painful to hear.

So yeah, I don’t fabricate controversy, but I also will never run from it. If I have a bad take, I’ll own it and say I was wrong (see Bucks championship apology video) but let’s be real, I’m not wrong often.

I kid, I kid...but not really.

I’ve been around sports my entire life as a fan and as an athlete (I started rooting for the Blazers at four years old) and I believe most of the fun of being a sports fan is getting in the mix, sparking debate, and having fun. I do all of these on a regular basis.

I started at USA Today, and went through two tours of duty at Barstool Sports. The entire time, people have loved me and hated me...sometimes on the same day.

You’ll discover I’m a gracious loser and a horrendous winner, especially if you have the audacity to tell me ahead of time that I’m wrong and I turn out to be right. That’s when I will rub it in and DEMAND an apology. #TrystaWasRight

One thing’s for sure, you’ve never heard anyone like me before, and you’re never going to forget me. If you hear my voice on Tiktok, or in real life, you’ll know it’s me and no one else within two seconds.

In a world where people seem to want to sound and act like everyone else, I am proudly, unapologetically, and defiantly, myself. I’ll grow on you. I always do.

What will I be doing for Audacy?

I will be hosting BetMGM Tonight, every Monday through Friday from 7pm-11pm EST.

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