Braun Strowman calls Firefly Funhouse 'unbelievably entertaining'


 Guys his size aren't physically supposed to do what he does. But that's the difference between Braun Strowman and a normal person.

"I'm capable of doing things that even myself I step back and go, 'How did I just do that?'" the WWE superstar told Chad Dukes Monday on 106.7 The Fan.

Strowman, the ex-member of The Wyatt Family, was asked about his former family and what he thinks about the Firefly Funhouse.

"Oh, it's awesome," Strowman said of the Firefly Funhouse. "It's a monitor sellout in the back every week for all the boys and stuff, we crowd around the monitor just to see what shenanigans and ridiculousness he comes up with next.

"Bray Wyatt thinks outside the box, he always has. He has this 'it' that no one else has and you can see it coming across with the Firefly Funhouse." 

Many thanks to the great @JoeVilla_ME for getting @BraunStrowman on #CDVTW. How can you not root for that guy? Glad to hear he's a big Firefly Funhouse mark, like the rest of us.

— Chad Dukes ---- (@chaddukes) July 1, 2019

"It is so unbelievably entertaining," Strowman said.

"I've always thought of him as a beautiful psychopath," Dukes said of Wyatt.

Strowman, who is in Dallas getting ready for Monday Night Raw, will be in Washington D.C. for Summerslam Heatwave Saturday, July 6. 

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