Chris Russell: Snyder, Allen angry about Caps' success


The Washington Capitals run to a Stanley Cup title in 2018 did not please Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder or team president Bruce Allen, Chris Russell said on 106.7 The Fan. In fact, Russell said they were "very, very angry and hostile" about the Capitals' success.

When asked by Grant & Danny if the Redskins president would be happy about the Washington Nationals clinching a playoff spot this week, Russell said, "I don't think Bruce would be happy for anybody else's success." 
"I know when the Capitals were doing what they did two years ago, that (Allen) and Dan were privately very, very angry and hostile and not happy about their success quite honestly," Russell said on 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday. "Maybe that has something to do a little bit with competitive business frustrations with (Capitals owner) Ted Leonsis, but they do not like to see anybody else praised and happy and doing good and advancing because they can't figure it out and they can't understand why they can't figure it out." 

(Clip begins at 8:35)

Russell expanded upon his point when asked about it by The Sports Junkies the next morning: "I wasn't in the room with them, but that's what I was told by multiple people in that building, that they were very upset about the success that the Capitals had, even though they congratulated them on Twitter and all that stuff," Russell said on 106.7 The Fan Thursday.

Why were they upset? "Because they can't figure out what the hell they're doing and can't get their own track on right," Russell said about Snyder and Allen. "Then you see all the love, all the passion, all the energy, all the positivity, all the fever for the Capitals and that's taking away from their fan base." 

Russell said he doesn't know if that would mean Snyder or Allen are rooting against the Nationals right now, but added it will upset them if the Nats have more success and gain more attention in the D.C. market.

"They see that the pie is expanding for the other teams in the market, which is their competitors," Russell told The Junkies.

(Clip begins at 36:30)

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