Junkies Poker Open 2022 (Live Blog)


The Sports Junkies are back for their fourth installment of the Junkies Poker Open at MGM National Harbor.

Kicking off with a live broadcast as always, it wasn't even two hours before the show went off the rails, when a listener decided it was a sound idea to interrupt Mr. Bishop while he was on the air. No worries, though, EB sent him a crystal-clear response.

We shuffle up and deal for JPO 2022 at 11 a.m. Follow along throughout the day for the latest updates, including chip counts for The Junks.

And get out here if you haven't already!

The Turnout Was Outrageous

Only One Junkie Made It To The First Break

The Luminaries Showed Up

Thanks to all of our wonderful listeners and sponsors who helped make JPO 2022 such an extraordinary event!