BMitch is not seeing any kind of culture change with Commanders: 'Still doing the same old stuff'


Ron Rivera has talked several times about changing the culture in Washington, but after watching Sunday’s loss to the lowly Giants, BMitch doesn’t see much of a change in culture on the field.

“We’re still doing it, dude. We’re still doing the same old stuff,” BMitch said. “The culture of winning, that hasn’t changed. The culture of how we approach the game of football hasn’t changed. The culture of being prepared on regular basis has not changed.”

Culture was a major talking point when Josh Harris and company took over as owners, and while those changes could be well underway, BMitch doesn’t see the culture changing much at all from a strictly football and execution standpoint, which falls on the coaching staff.

“Has the culture really changed?” BMitch said. “When I heard ‘change the culture,’ when I hear a coach saying that, I don’t think he’s talking about the internal workings of a facility. I believe the front office and ownership has to change that. When a coach tells me he is changing the culture, I believe he means what’s going on on the football field. And right now, sitting at 4-7, the football winning culture may be as bad as it was.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland | Getty Images