The Sports Junkies react to new details of sexual assault allegation against Dan Snyder


As Roger Goodell prepares to testify at Wednesday’s congressional hearing looking into potential workplace misconduct within the Commanders, the Washington Post has reported details on the 2019 sexual assault allegation against team owner Daniel Snyder.

The report, which comes out shortly before the hearing that Snyder has declined to attend due to a scheduling conflict, says that Snyder was accused of trying to remove a former female employee’s clothes on a private jet, and the case was settled for $1.6 million.

The Sports Junkies reacted to the new details during Wednesday morning’s show, and here were some of the highlights:

“The timing is peculiar, and it’s not great for Daniel Snyder. This is obviously part of the reason he is dodging the Oversight Committee.”

“Snyder can stick to his guns saying the claims were meritless, which he said in 2020. He’s not gonna talk about it.”

“If I’m Daniel Snyder, and some woman is accusing me of sexual assault and I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t settle…it just reflects poorly on Dan Snyder that he settled it. It gives off the illusion of him feeling guilty, in my opinion.”

“I believe he’s a creep. I definitely believe he’s a creep. If I had to pick a side…I’m always going to side with the employee. Because he’s shown over the years that he’s a world class creep.”

As for the response at the time from Snyder’s lawyers saying that the woman wore revealing clothing and flirted with other men on the trip:

“Classic victim shaming 101…that’s outrageous, I mean come on.”