Junkies: 'If Oversight Committee had balls, they'll subpoena' Dan Snyder


Dan Snyder won’t testify at Wednesday’s hearing, and the Junkies have no doubt that the Commanders owner never will at any hearing unless he is legally obligated to do so.

”If the Oversight Committee has balls, they’ll subpoena him.”

Snyder’s attorney wrote a letter to congress on Monday citing Snyder’s business scheduling conflict as a reason behind Snyder not testifying on Wednesday, even remotely. In the eyes of the Junkies, specifically John Auville, any testimony or public comments from Snyder would fall flat unless he was forced to attend and tell the truth.

“It’s the only time I would ever be intrigued by watching Dan Snyder talked, if he was subpoenaed and under oath and forced to tell the truth,” Auville said. “It’s the only time he will ever be interesting. Generally, when he talks, he has nothing to say, he’s awkward…I’m never looking forward to him. But if he’s in a congressional hearing, I’d be interested in what he has to say.”