Danny Rouhier absolutely GOES OFF on Chase Young skipping Commanders' voluntary OTAs


Chase Young was not at day one of the Commanders’ OTAs Tuesday, which, to be fair, were voluntary – but his absence absolutely INCENSED Danny Rouhier.

Young, of course, just saw the team decline his fifth-year option earlier this month, so he will play this season under his final guaranteed year after being the No. 2 pick in 2020, and to open the show, this is what Grant Paulsen said about it:

“In his first opportunity to be with his teammates, in a ‘gotta have it’ year for his career…it’s all on him, and he has elected once again to go back to his stance of not attending these voluntary workouts.”

And that’s when Danny went NUTS, starting a rant that literally left part of the studio in tatters with ripped paper and shrapnel spread all over the place:

“I will NEVER, EVER understand this, or the people who back it, or the people who sit there and say it’s voluntary! ‘If your company asked you to do something voluntary, would you do it?’” he asked in a mock falsetto voice before EXPLODING: “YES! IF I SUCKED, IF I WAS IN DANGER OF LIVING ON THE STREET, THEN YES, I’LL BE THERE FIRST! Show up and get better at football, immediately! IMMEDIATELY! Zero contributions for two years – try so much harder! I cannot believe that, and I can’t believe the losers who defend it!”

Danny then went off on the Twitter mob cozying up to Young and ragging on Danny and others who criticize him, and then also took a shot at the Commanders’ culture (or lack thereof).

“LOSER! Go to football practice and try to be better at football! What you’ve done in the past doesn’t work, massive zilch – I can’t believe ANYBODY is okay with this for a microsecond! If you don’t, you better wreck shop and be unstoppable at an All-Pro level! Oh, what’s that? James Smith Hyphen has been better than your ass! Scrap Heap Steve has outperformed thee! Try to get better at football all the time until you’re great, then take some time off. If you’re a Chief, rest up; nothing but greatness in that rear-view mirror – but I’ll bet you a lot of those guys post, and you know why? Culture.”

And then…well, let’s just say Danny is fine if Young disappears for good as soon as possible.

“Show up, the way 90 people did, figure it, grow up, or don’t – better yet, don’t. Keep going your way, and I’ll see you in a different jersey next year. Enjoy it! It’s voluntary? Volunteer to attend, and get better at football, which you’ve been terrible at for two years. You’ve produced NOTHING. Everybody has it figured out, except for you, specifically after being called out for this behavior two years ago. Does Ron Rivera have any other buddies who can pen a column for the team website about how you grow up? How can it be more important to me, than it is to you and your career? Now is the time when you demonstrate this is a turn the page moment, a crossroad, and you elected to do it on your own, selfishly. Good luck to you. I can’t wait to see you in a different uniform next year.”

It’s a rant that you just have to listen to in full to hear the passion, anger, and straight up insanity in Danny Rouhier’s voice…and you can do that above.

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