BMitch & Finlay: Do you still trust Josh Harris group to turn Commanders around?


Now 11 games into the Josh Harris era in Washington, JP wanted to take a pulse of the fanbase and see if there was still confidence that the new ownership group will turn the Commanders around.

It seems as if the faith is still there, even after Sunday’s loss to the struggling Giants dropped Washington to 4-7 on the season.

“Josh took the 76ers, tore them down and built them back up to where they’re competitive,” BMitch said. “It’s not Josh’s fault that when they get into the playoffs, things didn’t happen. He gave them all they needed to win. The Devils are very competitive.

“Magic Johnson has won at every level. Multiple sports as a player and a part owner. I think they have the wherewithal to get it done…they just have to go out and do what they’re accustomed to doing, and things will work out for them. Point blank.”

As for when changes could begin so the new ownership group can rebuild the franchise in its own image, JP wouldn’t be surprised if they began this weekend, should the Commanders struggle against their division rivals on Thanksgiving.

“If things go really bad in Dallas, I think they make some sort of move,” JP said. “I really do. And it would be warranted. I don’t think they’re being haphazard if they do that.

“It feels like they’ve crossed a threshold where large changes need to be made.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Scott Taetsch | Getty Images