Danny loves Ron Rivera's excessive contact OTAs: 'Push the envelope!'


Commanders head coach Ron Rivera was fined $100,000 last week after the NFL ruled that he had allowed “excessive contact” in OTA drills, and as a result, Washington will lose two OTA practices next year.

Danny’s reaction to the discipline, particularly the source of it? More, please!

“I was thrilled when I read this,” Danny said during Monday’s show. “I’m sorry Ron Rivera got caught and had to pay $100,000, and I’m sorry they got a couple OTAs canceled next year…we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. All I’m asking for is some extra effort…someone doing everything they possibly can to build a good football team for me and for you.

“Please have physical practices where guys get better…Please try to get good at football. Please do everything you possibly can to be great at football…do everything you can, all the time.”

The NFL Players Association reviewed practice video from two separate days earlier this month, and determined there was excessive contact, and the league wrote a letter to Commanders GM Martin Mayhew and said “there’s no question” that a team holds intense practices like that in the spring to gain an advantage by the time the season starts.

Danny has no problem with the league doing its job, but really has no problem with Rivera and the Commanders trying to gain an edge.

“It brought me back to my youth when that crazy man Joe Gibbs used to have full padded practices deep into the season,” Danny said. “I know you can’t do that anymore for many different reasons.

“Tying to be really good at football involves some of these personal sacrifices. Push the envelope. I love this! This is the first thing Ron Rivera has done in so long that I’ve been like ‘Yes!’”