SNIDER: Will the Commanders win again?


Forget timetables over Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera’s firing. That’s a given.

The bigger question is whether the team wins again? That’s not a given.

Washington (4-7) was once 2-0. Since then, it has lost all four home games while visiting fans owned FedEx Field thrice, including Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants. It’s very possible Washington loses its final six games to finish 4-13 as proof the franchise needs a complete teardown. Why, the stadium even needs new hot water pipes after players were forced to take icy showers on Sunday.

But hey, winners get hot water.

Rivera and staff are all in hot water. Up to their necks with the tide rising. Maybe owner Josh Harris plays to the crowd and fires Rivera immediately, but that really won’t change this season’s outcome. Interim coaches usually get one good game before the team returns to normal. Last season, the Indianapolis Colts won Jeff Saturday’s midseason debut and then lost the final seven games.

Washington is headed for eternal damnation no matter who’s leading the way. At least, that’s what I hear on Fox News.

The Commanders get a short week in playing on Thanksgiving at Dallas. Bet the NFL regrets that schedule decision now. The Cowboys will win easily, mostly because they’re a much better team than the Commanders, who only wish they could blame this mess on tanking.

Washington then plays Miami at FedEx on Dec. 3 before finally gaining a bye on Dec. 10. The Dolphins may be a Super Bowl team. The Commanders should just tell everyone to go to the beach for a week.

The return is a cross-country flight to Los Angeles against the Rams. That’s a winnable game, but a six-hour flight late into the season is a killer. Follow that with quick trip to the New York Jets on Christmas Eve where the focus is beating Santa back. New Year’s Eve is home against the San Francisco 49ers, which may be headed to the Super Bowl. Finally, Washington ends with Dallas at FedEx. Who knows if the Cowboys need to win, but the Commanders probably have nothing left. It’s not like last year where Washington was at least playing for a .500 record.

Overall, there’s a lot of misery ahead, which makes many fans happy. They want to lose out to get a top five pick. (Please don’t be a quarterback, please don’t be a quarterback.) If Sam Howell remains in one piece, then Washington can opt for a left tackle with that pick that in the past netted Chris Samuels and Trent Williams.

Harris will really be on the clock. This season was a freebie given his late-July purchase. Come January, fans want to see a real general manager and coach hired. Bill Belichick rumors are scary. He was a great coach, but it’s time for young blood. If Harris gets it wrong, fans will ride him just as badly as predecessor Dan Snyder.

Another season useless, another year spent. Now is when the rebuilding truly begins, but only after six more losses.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Patrick Smith | Getty Images