The Sports Junkies: Should Commanders stick with Sam Howell next season?


Sam Howell currently leads the NFL in passing yards, but also leads the league in interceptions after throwing three picks against the Giants on Sunday.

With those two sides of the spectrum in mind, the Junkies wondered if the fanbase should still be comfortable in Howell being the quarterback moving forward into next season, as it looks more and more like this season will end without a playoff berth.

“He is young, he should get better, but if you look at the big picture, he is middle-of-the-road at best. If you want to be a championship team, is that good enough?” EB said. “I would say he is the guy in 2024 just because of his salary. If this was year four for Sam Howell, he would not be the guy. You wouldn’t want to pay him that contract.”

The rest of the Junkies agreed to give it another year.

“This guy is 12 games in,” JP said. “Hopefully he looks better and builds on it when he’s 18 or 25 games in…I’m willing to ride it out and realize he’s a young quarterback and it’s gonna take time.”

“I just look at the eye test, and the eye test has been pretty darn good most of the time,” Cakes added. “You just have to look big picture…I think he can make all the throws, he’s resilient, he tends to bounce back from bad plays and bad games.”

However, should Washington fall to a top pick where a Drake Maye is there for the taking in the draft, would the Junkies pivot to a potential quarterback of the future?

“I would take him,” EB said. “Because I’m not convinced with Sam Howell.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Patrick Smith | Getty Images