Chase Young tells Jack Del Rio to let him know if anyone's 'bullsh***ing' in practice


Washington defensive end Chase Young is sending a message to the locker room following Sunday's embarrassing 43-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Young, who insisted to reporters after the game that he's not frustrated, certainly seemed so late in the game, when FOX cameras captured Young sharing some fiery words with defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

Afterwards, a reporter mentioned to Young that it looked like he was venting some frustration with Del Rio.

Asked to describe their conversation, Young replied, "Oh, basically just, you know, when we come back in the building, no bullshitting. If somebody's bullshitting, you let me know. Cause I ain't having that."

It's the type of leadership you hope to see from a player of Young's caliber, especially after a disappointing 1-2 start to the season, when the defense — which is supposed to be the signature of this team — has been among the NFL's worst through three weeks.

Washington's defense ranks 31st in yards allowed per game (432), 29th in points allowed (30.7), 29th in pass defense (307 yards/game) and 26th in run defense (125 yards/game). As a team, Washington is also responsible for the one of the worst turnover differentials, ranking 29th at -3.

Washington also needs more out of Young, too, the 2020 Defensive Rookie of the Year and former second overall pick. The prize of what should be a fearsome defensive line, Young has recorded zero sacks this season, and has tallied just nine combined tackles and one pass deflection.