SNIDER: Mediocre would be a step up for the WFT


In the middle of last night, when Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera's mind wouldn't stop rewinding the debacle in Buffalo, a cold sweat may have suddenly awakened him.

What if this defense isn't as great as expected, or even good? What if Rivera needs to change his defensive coordinator? Maybe that prized rookie defensive end last year is lost just as much as this year's first-round linebacker?

The 43-21 loss at Buffalo may have been just one game, but one shot heard round the world created American independence while one assassination started World War I. And, it took only one iceberg to sink the Titanic.

It's three straight games that the defense has stunk, allowing opponents to score on their opening drive. For opposing quarterbacks to snap personal slumps like Buffalo's Josh Allen suddenly remembering he's a great player. For halftimes