Noah Cyrus on her 'life-changing experience' and learning to be comfortable with change

The singer's new album, 'The Hardest Part,' is now available everywhere
Noah Cyrus
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On a brand new episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Noah Cyrus joined Jay to share her vulnerable side and discuss progressing towards more self-love and self-acceptance, as well as how music has helped her heal from her past, and more.

LISTEN NOW: Noah Cyrus ON: How to Handle Negative Opinions of Others & Turning Anxiety into Creativity

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Noah Cyrus ON: How to Handle Negative Opinions of Others & Turning Anxiety into Creativity
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Exchanging thoughts on why change is inevitable for people and how we can be comfortable with it, Noah revealed her life-changing experiences, and journey to finding structure, focus, and an outlet within music as she sets on to embark on her next chapter with her brand new album, The Hardest Part.

After identifying her emotions, and “what was causing a lot of my problems,” thanks to “really really trying with therapy," Noah embarked on a journey of self-healing. At first reluctant to deal with her issues, Noah came to the realization of just how important therapy can really be. Suggesting, “I really highly suggest just an outlet of being able to get your emotions out somewhere, regardless of what that outlet is for you.”

Throughout her journey of recovery, Noah has been able to overcome body image issues, heal her inner child, find a newfound passion for music, and come to the realization that she might never know if people never change or not. Noting, “I do believe I’m in the process of changing my life, but I don’t know if people can change at the core.”

Discussing and sorting out the differences between the possibility and probability of change, as well as the expectations of change and growth in ourselves versus what we expect from others, Noah divulged the biggest “life-changing experience” for the better was when she stopped taking Xanax. “That completely was ruining my life.”

“It was the scariest most alone I had ever felt, except it made me feel as if I had comfort whenever I was on the substances I was taking at which time,” Noah continued. Admitting, “that was the poison I really had to get out of my life, and make that change. Had I not done that… I’m not one hundred percent sure I would be able to be sitting here.”

For more of Noah and Jay's in-depth conversation, listen to the entire episode above.

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