Grant & Danny loathe Wizards consistent bad lottery luck: 'It happens, but it happens a lot to Washington'


The Wizards were reportedly painfully close to improbably winning Tuesday’s NBA Draft lottery and earning the rights to generational prospect Victory Wembanyama.

Instead, Washington will pick eighth, just the latest stroke of bad luck in draft lotteries that Grant and Danny agree have become painfully familiar.

“For people who think this is just a ‘woe is me’ sad sack, we have some stats here,” Danny said. “Three times have they moved up and improved their stock based on their pre-lottery odds. One was to get John Wall…then moving up to get Otto Porter, and moving up to get Kwame Brown.  It’s not when there’s a 7-foot-3 generational talent who can do everything on the basketball court. No, it’s Tyson Chandler or Kwame Brown. That was really, really frustrating to see.

“The Wizards have stayed put 10 times and they’ve dropped 10 times. No other way to say it, they’ve been unlucky why the lottery process…it happens, but it happens a lot to Washington. Really, really tough to watch.”

Perhaps Grant had the best metaphor for what it feels like to know that your franchise, so starved for success, was oh-so close to grabbing perhaps the most prized NBA prospect since LeBron James.

“It’s like bumping into your crush that you had your whole childhood 15 years later, and she still looks great,” Grant said. “She goes, ‘You liked me? I was obsessed with you! I was just waiting for you to make a move.’”

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