Junkies don't like Kyle Kuzma signing: 'Wouldn't want him for a dollar'


The Wizards made a free agency splash by signing Kyle Kuzma to a four-year, $102 million deal, bringing back one of their leading scorers from last season.

The move wasn’t one very highly praised by The Sports Junkies.

“The money is a separate issue,” EB said. “I wouldn’t want him for one dollar, or for free at this point.

“Who cares what they say? What they say is meaningless. They also said they loved having Bradley Beal…the reason why we were excited a few days ago is that they finally decided they were going to bottom out. I’m not a huge fan of doing that, but if this is what we’re gonna do, let’s do it. Let’s bottom out correctly. If we win four or five more games because of Kuzma, I’m gonna be pissed.”

JP, like many others, believes the signing is a way of giving Washington a trade chip to acquire more future assets in the coming years, though he hopes, in the short term, Kuzma’s presence doesn’t negatively impact the team’s likely quest for more ping pong balls.

“I don’t like it,” JP said. “I think you go full tank mode. I’m not as upset…these guys believe you have to acquire some players to eventually flip him. So I do believe, at some point, they will flip him.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Michael Reaves | Getty Images