LISTEN: Sen. Kennedy says America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was executed with ‘stunning incompetence’

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy
Photo credit Getty Images

“It was a shambolic performance. The incompetence was stunning.”

That’s Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s assessment of America’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan last week, an action that has left a large number of American citizens trapped in the country that is now once again controlled by the Taliban, a faction with a history of supporting terrorists.

Kennedy told WWL Radio that while America controls an airport in the country, they do not have control of the roads that lead to it, leaving citizens with no viable way to catch a flight back to home soil.

“We’ve got tens of thousands of Americans and our allies trapped behind enemy lines… and we don’t know how to get them out,” Kennedy said, citing a briefing by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for that information. “We need to figure out a way. We can’t leave people behind.”

Kennedy said that he doesn’t trust the new leadership regime in the country.

“I know the Taliban says, ‘Well you know, we’ve changed.’ I hope that’s right, but I don’t believe it. The whole thing was just sad – more than sad. It was the biggest terrorist victory since 9/11. And jihadists all around the world are celebrating… but we’ve got to get our allies out because they’re going to be butchered. They’re going to be gutted like a fish.”

Kennedy said President Biden could have chosen to maintain the status quo in Afghanistan, but instead chose a “chaotic withdrawal” from the country, resulting in the “abandonment of billions of dollars of equipment to the enemy,” a decision Kennedy says was contrary to the advice of the military and intelligence community.

“Now we’ve got to fix it. And it can be fixed, but we need to fix it.” “Our military needs to talk straight-up to the Taliban… you’re going to open a corridor for us to get our people out. And we’re not asking. We’re telling you. And if you don’t do it, we’re going to open the corridor.”

Kennedy said the main goal at this point for the administration should be to get every American out of the country, and that could be a tall task. Kennedy said he’s heard estimates that as many as 50,000 people American citizens could still be there.

“They’re going to be butchered like a deer,” Kennedy said. “They’re going to be gutted like a fish. I don’t care what that Taliban says. These people have a well-earned reputation for nastiness. And now’s not the time to try to score political points. It’s time to get our people out.”