The Junkies discuss the surging costs of watching sports on streaming services


Remember the ‘good old days’ when sports were on local TV, or, for a time, very basic cable when it wasn’t exorbitant? Well, nowadays, when you add in streaming, you need a calendar just to find your favorite teams sometimes.

Just using the Yankees as an example, between last Sunday and this Friday, their five games air on four different platforms – starting Sunday with Peacock and ending Friday with Apple TV+, with two games on their usual RSN and one on Amazon Prime (the home of what used to be their “over-the-air” games on WPIX in NYC).

Wednesday morning, the Junkies had a long discussion about all of this streaming push, and how surging costs are really putting the strain on sports fans whose wallets were already squeezed by the exorbitant prices to actually attend games. Take a listen!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: © Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK