Mike Florio crushes the NFL for its silence after Roe v. Wade is overturned

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The US Supreme Court decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade case has drawn responses from around the sports world.

But one prominent voice was conspicuously silent as of Monday afternoon: the NFL.

The league had not responded to the controversial development, even though others, such as the NBA and WNBA had already done so.

For Pro Football Talk founder and lead writer Mike Florio, the silence speaks volumes from a league that has "spent considerable time and money in recent years attracting, developing, and expanding its female base ..."

According to Florio, the NFL, "as it always does, has made a P.R. calculation," in this case so as not to provoke "the portion of the fan base that would react more negatively to the NFL speaking out than the portion of the fan base that will react negatively to the NFL remaining silent."

Florio also cited a Sunday tweet that was critical of the league, published by former NFL Network reporter Mike Silver.

"So the NFL, which for decades has bathed itself in pink for a month and has been falling all over itself as of late to celebrate women, is completely silent after Friday's decision? Sounds about right."

Interestingly, the article's comment section, which at Pro Football Talk is often a clearinghouse for bizarre and polarizing responses, was turned off.

Perhaps it was because Florio was anticipating some pushback on this particular hot take.

He seemed to address those concerns in one of the piece's final paragraphs:

"To the stick to sports crowd, know this: The NFL doesn't stick to sports when it believes its interests require it. The league only sticks to sports when it believes its interests compel silence. ..."

Florio, a former attorney before he turned to sportswriting, has long covered legal topics and court cases as they relate to the NFL.

Clearly he disagrees with the Supreme Court's ruling, but his criticism of the league is notable simply given the reach of his platform and his site's relationship with the NFL. PFT is owned by NBC Sports, one of the league's TV broadcast partners.

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