Penguins player addresses viral headshot

The Penguins winger looks taken aback in his team photo
By , 93.7 The Fan

Penguins forward Brandon Tanev is having a pretty good start to the season. Through nine games the left-winger has three goals and one assist in nearly 14 minutes of ice time.

But that isn’t the reason his headshot has gone viral.

Tanev’s team photo has been all over social media because of the way he looks in the pictures. Shocked? Horrified? Scared? Possessed?

Well, when asked about the facial expression on Monday, Tanev set the record straight…kind of.

"I did actually see a ghost; it was walking behind the gentleman that was taking our pictures,” said Tanev jokingly. “It kind of caught me off guard, I haven't seen one of those things yet, it was pretty rare to see that. That's why I had that facial expression.”

Hopefully he will be asked more questions about the photo as the season goes on and makes up a different story each time.