Kevin Sheehan warns against getting a case of Early-Onset Ashburn Syndrome after Commanders OTAs


“You’re looking live at Ashburn, site of OTA Day No. 2, phase three, Terry McLaurin with a deep over-the-shoulder catch! An absolute beast! Sam Howell has been up-and-down today, but when he’s on, he’s excellent – and he just threw a beautiful deep ball to ole Turner. Give Ron Rivera credit for the draft, looks like Forbes and Martin are MONEY! Dax Milne with a great catch, totally different player, and Brissett just dialed up a great ball over the middle for John Bates! And, it looks like a better coached team to me!”

That’s kind of what Kevin Sheehan heard about OTAs after Wednesday’s session, and other than the offensive line, there were a lot of encouraging reports on the Commanders sent in by those in attendance.

However…you know those commercials you see on daytime TV for pretty much any and every medicine on the market, where people look happy and frolicking despite having some level of chronic disease? Well, we may need one called Bienimax or Commanditol, because what’s happening at Commanders OTAs is giving some a severe case of Early Onset Ashburn Syndrome.

“We kid because we love – heck, I do a mock schedule, even though no one asked for it – but I can’t wait for games to get here,” Sheehan said during Thursday’s show. “June is a Top 3 month for me, along with October and November, which has the best holiday and the pinnacles of fall weather – but those at least have real NFL games.”

Listen to Sheehan’s entire rant on this debilitating affliction above!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images