Kevin Sheehan's Commanders game take after a 'butt ugly' performance vs. the Giants


"Every part of the team contributed something to the loss," Kevin Sheehan said about the Washington Commanders' 31-19 loss to the lowly New York Giants on Sunday at FedEx Field. "Coaching, offense, defense, special teams, all of it was butt ugly. There were some good plays, some decent individual performances but for the most part, every unit let the team down.

"This isn't one of those Mondays when we say, 'Oh, it was the defense's fault.' 'Oh, it was the offenses the fault.' Or 'this was just a coaching loss.' All of them for the most part stunk in that game no other way to describe it."

Of course, there were a few things that Sheehan liked about the performance. He would then get into the list of things he did not like in his complete Commanders Game Take.

Listen to it all on the audio player above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports