WFT fans left to wonder: How does Snyder keep skating?


A series of bombshell reports leading to Jon Gruden's ouster has left many in Washington wondering how Dan Snyder has managed to evade similar trouble.

Gruden resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders Monday night after a series of reports, the first from The Wall Street Journal and the second from The New York Times, depicted Gruden making homophobic, misogynistic and even racists remarks in emails, in a digital paper trail that stretches back more than a decade.

A 2011 email showed Gruden mocking DeMaurice Smith, who's head of the NFL Players Association, for his intelligence, while using a racist trope to describe Smith's face. Gruden was working for ESPN at the time, a year when Smith emerged to national prominence for going toe to toe with NFL owners during a high-pressure work stoppage.

In other separate emails, Gruden was seen using a homophobic slur to criticize Roger Goodell, questioning the NFL commissioner for pressuring Jeff Fischer to draft Michael Sam, an openly gay player, in 2014. Gruden also denounced the admittance of female referees into the league and players protesting during the national anthem.

So where does Washington come in? Gruden's emails were all sent to Bruce Allen (and others), who was team president of the Washington Redskins from 2009 until his firing in Dec. 2019. And they were only discovered as part of a separate investigation into the workplace culture of the Washington organization, now named the Washington Football Team.