Tobin and Leroy: Is it time to pull Sergei Bobrovsky?

Sergei Bobrovsky
Photo credit Credit: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via USA TODAY Sports

Sergei Bobrovsky gave up 5 Goals in the exhibition yesterday and Tobin and Leroy debate about what to do come Saturday. Is it time to pull him? Eric Woolworth of the Miami Heat says he expects capacity crowds next year. ACC releases its schedule model for upcoming season that includes Notre Dame being an ACC member. Notre Dame not playing Miami and Tobin thinks they are scared.

RTD thinks some NFL players that are opting out will opt back in once training camp is over. Brian Flores says Tua needs to win one day at a time. Zaslow and Amber accuse Tobin of being an attention whore because he asks a question in every Zoom press conference.

Leroy has an Ohio State insider, who previously warned him about Tate Martell, say that Columbus didn't want Sergei Bobrovsky. MLB being harder on Joe Kelly than the Astros? Who is better Bam or Jokic?

(4th Hour has same montage at the beginning as Hour 1) Will the Tropical Storm affect the guys sports watching on Saturday with Directv? Steve-O of jackass fame joins the show with wild stories. What is going to be the result of this Marlins investigation?