Lady A's Charles Kelley reflects on 9/11

Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott of Lady A
Photo credit Jason Davis / Stringer / Getty Images

This Saturday will be a day of mixed emotions for Charles Kelley. Of course, like all of us, he'll be remembering the horrific events that occurred in 2001, but he'll also be celebrating a personal milestone, as he turns 40.

“It’s my birthday, believe it or not," he shares in a statement from his label. "Yeah, 9/11.

"I was in college," he notes as he recalls where he was when he got the news twenty years ago. "I woke up, was getting ready to go to class and I had a roommate come in and say, ‘Man, turn on the TV. Class is canceled, you won’t believe.’

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"And we all got up and watched it. It was just wild. You know, it’s hard to put it into words, but I can remember it and everybody can and it had such a huge effect on everybody.”