Justin Moore's says 11-year-old daughter’s 'boy drama' inspired a song on his new album


Justin Moore has always stayed true to his Country roots with his music and a large part of that is pulling inspiration from every day life.

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Mostly known for his songs about baiting hooks and longneck bottles, you may be surprised to hear Justin was inspired by his 11 year-old daughter’s “boy problems” for a standout song, “More Than Me,” on his most-recent album.

“It kind of just came from a conversation I had with my oldest daughter,” Justin told Audacy’s Coop. “She was telling me about her little friend having boyfriend troubles or something like that, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh… we’re not dealing with this right now.’”

He continued, “Down the road, I hope you find somebody that loves you a lot and you’re happy and all that but that’s going to be a long ways from now. I said, ‘I promise you, they better love you a whole bunch whoever you wind up with, but I promise you no matter what, no matter how much they do, they ain’t ever going to love you more than I do.’ And that just kind of prompted the idea.”

Who knew 11-year-old drama could turn into such a sweet song that will have parents all over reaching for the tissues?! Justin’s songwriting creativity is surely flowing and can be heard on his latest album, Staright Outta The Country.

While his songs may be inspired by an array of different situations and circumstances, one thing that will never stray is Justin’s pure Country sound. Justin shared it can be tough to find success with twang when the genre has leaned towards Pop, but he never considered changing.

“I’m going ‘Oh, gosh, how am I going to stay on the radio?’” Justin shared. “It’s not a knock against that style of stuff or any of the artists that did it, I’m just thinking to myself from a business perspective, ‘what the hell am I going to do here?’”