Ryan Hurd on the meaning behind 'Pelago' album title

'I needed to rhyme with Chicago'
Ryan Hurd
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Ryan Hurd is celebrating the release of his debut, full-length album, Pelago. While definitely a record worth your time, we do admit the title had us scratching our heads. What’s a pelago, and what’s it have to do with Country music?

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Ryan Hurd shares the meaning behind album title, 'Pelago'
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Thank goodness Ryan was able to clear it all up for us… the answer is simple.

“I needed to rhyme with ‘Chicago’ in the song ‘Coast,’” Ryan shared. “I thought it was sort of a place holder word, and it sort of ended up meaning something that was very specific to this album.“

He continued, “It means open sea or it means overwhelming passion and I thought that was a such a cool umbrella for these songs to live under.”

Definitely a great meaning for an album written by a songwriter as passionate as Hurd that pays tribute to his childhood. While much of the album is nostalgic for the 35-year-old, he admits having a son of his own now brings a new level of seriousness to his songwriting.

“I think [being a Dad] has just made me more serious as a songwriter,” said Hurd. “When I get an opportunity to write, it has to count. It’s not just me playing around anymore… this is how we make a living… it’s more like, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m responsible for somebody, I gotta make this actually work.’”

Hurd did more than just “make it work,” with the project that showcases some of his best songwriting and vocals. Included in the 15-track project are songs like “To A T,” “Diamonds Or Twine,” “Pass It On,” and “Chasing After You” featuring wife, Maren Morris, which topped the charts just last week.

Pelago is available everywhere now.

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